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3rd floor Met Live Mall. EDSA corner Macapagal. Pasay City.

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Pediatric Services

A child is not a small adult

A child is not a small adult. She/he requires special attention, not only because they are more prone to accidents, but also because they require constant monitoring to assure a healthy development while they grow to become adults.


Pediatric area designed for children

Our pediatric waiting area is specifically designed for the children and their families. Is a place where the children can play and relax. This is important not only because the children pass a better time at the clinic, but it also affects the chances for a successfull consultation, as:

  • It reduces child anxiety children.

  • It Increases the chances for an open and fluent consultation

  • It Improves the patient’s comfort and satisfaction


Pediatric Services

We offer the following pediatric services:

  • Pediatric general and priority consultation

  • Pediatric dental services

  • Pediatric cardiology

  • Pediatric Psychology

  • Pediatric nutritionist