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3rd floor Met Live Mall. EDSA corner Macapagal. Pasay City.

(02) 8851 9930

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Imaging Diagnostics

Best Technology at your service

  • Our X-Ray and Ultrasound service is open from Monday to Sunday, from 7am to 9pm and can be scheduled from this website through the request appointment form.

We offer complete and advanced Imaging Center in a mall-based clinic setting. The center uses the latest methodologies and machines, coupled with the expertise of our medical staff, to ensure the best service of clients.


X-rays create images of the inside of your body. X-Rays are not only  used in checking for broken bones, but also for many other purpose, as an example, chest x-rays can diagnose  pneumonia, etc.


Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body. Health care professionals use it to view the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, and other organs. During pregnancy, doctors use ultrasound to view the fetus. Unlike x-rays, ultrasound does not expose you to radiation.

OB Ultrasound (including 3D/4D)

We offer a complete service prenatal ultrasound, including 3D/4D ultrasound which will allow you to see and track the evolotion of your baby and an early detection of potential pregnancy complications.